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Peace Through Development in Disadvantaged Areas
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The Peace Through Development in Disadvantaged Areas (PTDDA) project provides a framework for UNDP's continued support to the Government for enhancing capacity at all levels for conflict preventions and peace building. The PTDDA project builds on the achievements, best practices and lessons learned from its predecessor, Peace Through Development (PTD) project which is implemented in Maluku, North Maluku and Central Sulawesi. Read more

Small Islands off East Flores under Threat
Posted on October 14, 2012 by NTA

Kompas, 13/9/12
Ten small islands in Sikka kabupaten (eastern Flores) including Pulau Babai, Pulau Besar, Pulau Pengabatan, Pulau Pemana, Pulau Sukun and Pulau Kambing are being neglected. The problem is that the islands are unique and have considerable tourism potential (e.g. white beaches, sparkling water and plentiful sea life (turtles etc); and one of them boasts a Japanese built WWII airstrip measuring 800m x 100m). Read more
A number of important issues were discussed, including:

- making aid more sustainable,
- getting beyond aid dependence,
- listening to the voices of the poor,
- encouraging people’s livelihoods.


This new and important document is part of a suite of reforms flowing from the 2011 Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness. Its purpose is to inform Cabinet discussion of the four-year budget strategy outlined in the Comprehensive Aid Policy Framework
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Peace Through Development
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